Haylee & Joe | Golden Hour Portrait Session in Olive Branch, Mississippi | Memphis Tennessee Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Haylee and Joe are the cutest. I mean just look at 'em. How can you not smile?! Haylee and I go waaay back to like 2004(ish) when we both went to Harding Academy. This girl has been through A LOT, but I'm so glad that Haylee has found a man that treats her like a queen!

This session was super last minute. I rented some gear I wanted to play around with and they volunteered to be my wonderful models. I found this location literally on the way to the session. I passed it and continued on to the park that we agreed to meet at. I get there and I just wasn't feeling it, so I texted Haylee and I asked if it would be too much to back track back to the cute place I found. She said no not at all, so I hauled booty back over to this location. I knew I only had like 20 minutes of light left so I had to make it work! I had a ton of fun even if the mosquitoes were fierce and ticks were all over us.

Here's a cute lil blurb from Haylee:

"Joe and I met many moons ago going to shows and having so many mutual friends. We honestly were never very close. Just a "hi" every now and then and we were on our way. Flash forward to 2012 and I get a request from a familiar face on Instagram. I approve him and instantly began lurking, of course. I saw that he had a daughter and my son was only about a year older than her so I'm thinking play date. So we started texting and talking about kids and relationships. He was newly divorced and I was newly single. I wasn't ready to date anyone and I was fully aware of that. So we just became really great friends. We went to the zoo and out to get sushi. We would go to a movie every now and then. Here's where it gets tricky: he had a new girlfriend. I'm pretty sure he thought that I would never date him, haha. So I knew that he liked/loved me. He was my best friend and I wasn't sure I wanted to cross that line. So we remained friends. We talked every day. Then I started working with him, which changed everything. It's different when you see someone a few times a week versus once a month. Our connection and love began to grow stronger. One day, we finished a big project at work and went out to get Mexican. I'm over here downing margaritas and we were having the best time. I remember smiling so much that day. So we go to leave and finally, after 2 years of being best friends, he backs me up against my car and leans in to kiss me and I say, "this is a bad idea." Thankfully, he did it anyway and the rest is history. Flash forward to now, we have been married 1 year and have a beautiful son together, Oliver Grey. Fate kept bringing us together over and over again. Our love has proven strong and weathered every storm thrown our way. I wouldn't want to share my life with anyone else."

"Love is the greatest refreshment in life."

— Pablo Picasso