Kelly & Matt | 3 Year Anniversary Session | Memphis Tennessee Portrait & Wedding Photographer

If you haven't met Kelly Amos, you're clearly missing out. She is an exceptional hair stylist and make up artist. (Check out Laveau!) Kelly is the cutest human being wrapped up in the cutest tiny package. She is full of spunk and sass and quirky as hell. And then there's Matt. Matt is a genius at Apple and is quirky and awkward in an adoring way, just like Kelly. So it's evident why these two are clearly soul mates.

"We are big foodies and big nerds. All we do is eat and watch anime. We wouldn't have it any other way." - Kelly

Seriously though. Relationship goals.

I just told Kelly this the other day, but I really had it in my head that Matt was going to propose during our session! I mean it was their three year anniversary and it was the perfect opportunity! But alas, no ring. Kelly laughed when I told her this. Oh well, I know it's not far off for this two. I know they are in it for the long haul, so there's no rush. ;)