How to Rock Your Engagement Session | Memphis Tennessee Engagement Photographer

When I get to an engagement session one of the first things I ask my clients is...

"How are you guys with PDA?"

I use the answer to this question to guide our whole session together, that way I know that you are good with lots of touching and cuddling or not. If you think you're awkward or weird in front of the camera, don't fret! That is what I am here for! I guide all my couples and tweak my guidance according to my couples and their preferences. Here are a few things you can do to rock your engagement session as well.


R e l a x

I know, I know. Wedding planning can be super stressful. But try to do your best and put all planning and stress aside and try to have fun with your engagement session! This is also a time to get comfortable and get to know how your wedding photographer (me!) works! It makes my job a little easier if you try to relax and focus on being in love and connecting with your partner. That's what I want to showcase with your photos. Also, it's way easier for you to relax and get comfortable during your session if you have a photographer that you have a genuine connection with! I like to think as all of my clients as friends. We really connect on that friend level and it helps so much, especially knowing I'm going to be by your side your entire wedding day which will probably be 8 hours or more!


Dress Comfortably

I couldn't tell you how many clients buy a new outfit they have never worn out for their engagement session and end up feeling so self conscious because they went out on a limb and went out of their comfort zone. DON'T GO OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. If your go to is jeans, a blouse, and boots, then that's YOU and what YOU are comfortable in. I always advise clients to bring multiple choices just in case something is not photographing well (for example, PATTERNS can sometimes be super weird!) so it's always good to have a back up just in case. Also it's a good idea to bring a more "dressy" outfit and a more casual one. Keep it simple. Keep it YOU. (But it's also okay to amp up that version of YOU, just make sure you're comfy!)


Location, Location, Location

Where you decide to have your engagement session can make it or break it. Choose a location that is significant to you, or even one that contrasts your wedding venue so you tell a full story. If you're having a fall wedding, shoot your engagement photos in the spring or summer. If you have a lush, greenery type venue, shoot your engagement in an urban setting. It's always nice to have a balance when it comes to storytelling, especially your love story.


So you might be saying, "Ashley! You just said completely opposite of what other photographers have said!" Well, what can I say? I'm not a traditional photographer in any sense and these are the tips that work best for me and my clients. When it comes down to it, your engagement session is all about YOU and your partner! We are focusing on the connection and bond you share, not what you're wearing, nor the location. YOU.

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