Fletcher Family | Pumpkin Patch Lifestyle Session | Memphis Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Maury contacted me about doing a cute lifestyle session at a pumpkin patch with her lil ones and her hubby and I was SO down. I loved the idea so much! What better way to celebrate fall than going to a cool pumpkin patch?! Well, of course the day we choose to go it is upwards of 98 degrees outside. So we are scorching hot, red faced, and sweaty and trying to focus on pumpkins and dreaming of colder weather. Regardless, I had so much fun with Chevelle and Violet, who are literally the cutest little girls EVER. Well more like I had fun chasing Maury and Rusty as they were chasing after Violet. Hahaha. That little girl can RUN. Happy fall, guys!

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree..."
- Emily Brontë