Erica | Sexy Salon Boudoir | Memphis Tennessee Portrait & Wedding Photographer

"I heard that you like the bad girls, honey."
- Lana Del Rey

You guys remember Erica, right? The beautiful goddess who does my hair at Laveau? Well she wanted to do a fun boudoir session at the salon just for her. I loved the idea so much and I couldn't wait to do this for her. I knew leading up to it she was pretty nervous. Once we got into the groove and with a little coaching from the lovely Dee, Erica was slaying. She was feeling so sexy and confident and it was radiating through her. I love doing these sessions because I know they empower women and make them feel so beautiful. I also love the fact that Erica wanted to do this for herself and no one else. She truly killed this whole session. Make sure when you see her next to give her a huge high five for being amazing. <3