Best of 2016 | Year in Review | Memphis Tennessee Portrait & Wedding Photographer

"Live the life you love."

I went into 2016 thinking not much was going to come from it, but still eager and excited after just having bought a new camera body on a whim (that was MUCH needed!). I graduated from Columbia College Chicago two years ago (almost three now!) and I hadn't done much with my career and a lot of personal things kept happening that hindered my creative process. It almost felt like I was in a rut. Luckily, I must admit, though, there was a magical fire lit inside of me spontaneously in the middle of this year and everything just clicked. FINALLY. I became determined to shoot, shoot, shoot and I did just that. The slogan at Columbia was "live the life you love" and by golly, I'm gonna do that!

2016 was a HUGE roller coaster, no doubt. I still really can't gather all my thoughts and feelings about this year. I didn't get to travel much at all and see epic places like many of my photog friends had the opportunity to, but that's totally okay, because I realized I love my city for what it is.  Here in Memphis, y'all know we have grit and we grind, and we show off our muddy Mississippi and abandoned buildings proudly. It's what we have and we love it. I adore all of my couples, families, and individuals I've had the pleasure of shooting this year. You are all so wonderful and I can't thank you enough.

Also, I want to take the time to thank everyone who has stuck around and supported me all these years. I picked up my first DSLR over 10 years ago, graduated from a top art school with a degree in photo, and now I own my business as well as work full time doing product photography for a few companies. I couldn't have done it without all of you, friends, family, and clients who I now call friends and family!

I am absolutely ecstatic about what 2017 has in store. All my couples I have booked for 2017 are so unique and quirky and amazing and I am SO EXCITED! Have I mentioned I'm excited?!

These are some of my favorite shots from this year, and y'all it was HARD choosing! Hope you like them!