9 Tips Your Wedding Photographer Forgot to Tell You | Memphis Tennessee Portrait & Wedding Photographer

There are always some things that get forgotten while wedding planning. Even I am guilty of forgetting to tell my clients certain things to ensure they can get the best photographs possible on their wedding day! So that is my mission with this post. Here are 9 tips your wedding photographer forgot to tell you.

1. The Less Clutter, the Better

Clear the room of any clutter, especially if you’re getting ready at home rather than a hotel room. (But actually I have seen some pretty messy hotel rooms!) Anything that you wouldn’t want to be seen in the photographs (plastic bags, water bottles, clothes over the bed, etc), move it before your wedding photographer gets there to photograph finishing touches. Unfortunately these things take FOREVER to edit out of photos, so please save us some work and try to get everyone to help clear the clutter before the photographer arrives! 

2. Natural Light is the Best

When the make-up artist arrives, make sure he/she sets up with lots of room nearest the biggest and nicest window in the room you’re getting ready in. It’s really awkward for me to ask them to move when I arrive if they’ve set up in a corner somewhere in unflattering light! (Which we will do because we want your photos to be perfect!) Also, keep natural light in mind while planning the location where you are getting ready at. Space and light are key things for wedding photographers!

3. Don't Forget the Details!

If you want your photographer to photograph any other details such as shoes or jewelry please have them ready and put to one side. It is SO easy to forget things like this. If you want detail shots of the groom's shoes and tie, make sure you have them with you (we will get them back to him in time of course!). An invitation is always good to have as well, because some photographers, like myself, like to set up a nice shot displaying your beautiful invites. Also PLASTIC HANGERS SUCK. Photographers hate them. I try to always have a wooden hanger on stand by, but like I said, I do forget sometimes. It is helpful to already have one there. 

4. Body Glitter = No Go

This tip is short and sweet. Unfortunately, body glitter does not photograph well. It can be distracting as well, so I personally suggest forgoing that on your big day. I also suggest using a matte lip stain (or the like) instead of shiny lip gloss. But that is simply personal preference. Just think about how your photos will look when planning these things!

5. Come Prepared

Make sure a bridesmaid or your coordinator has a safety kit in case you need something. Some good things for the kit to contain are stain removal (‘Tide To-Go’ pens are awesome), tampons, small scissors, mini sewing kit, hairspray, safety pins, bobby pins, energy bars, gum, q-tips, band aids, deodorant, makeup remover and Advil, just to name a few! These emergency kits can be life savers!

6. Practice "The Kiss"

Couples should think about their kiss when they say 'I do.' It’s hard to edit an all tongue kiss. (And pretty awkward I might add.) Make it a good “cute kiss” and don’t forget to hold it for a few seconds at least. Sometimes couples forget and kiss so quickly that the photographer caught right before and right after and missed the actual kiss. Practice makes perfect!

7. Communication is Key

Instruct your DJ to communicate with your photographer during the reception.  It’s best if they let us know BEFORE they start the cake cutting, bouquet toss, etc., so we can be prepared for these shots. Your uncle Bob might have dragged us in another room to get shots of distant family members, we might be in the restroom (this has happened, I promise), or we might just be completely caught off guard, and then we will miss it. And you’ll be upset. And so will we! Help us out and make sure all communication channels are very open!

8. We Eat When You Eat

Photographers need to eat when you do.  We can’t photograph people eating (not very flattering! Haha.) But if your servers/caterers say they won’t feed us until AFTER the guests then we don’t get to eat because that’s when the bride and groom (you guys!) are finished and the action starts up again. Pretty please give instructions to the caterer to feed the photographers at the same time as the wedding party, NOT after the last guest! We promise we don't do this to be greedy or weird, we just want to make sure we capture everything we possibly can!

9. Have an Unplugged Wedding

I could literally write an entire blog post about having an unplugged wedding, but I will spare you (for now!). Having an unplugged wedding is SO important. You hired us for a reason! We are professionals and these bright screens and Uncle Bob stepping in the aisle can be distracting things in our shot. Please please please have your officiant announce that your wedding will be unplugged! Your guests should enjoy the moment with you rather than trying to document it on their phones and immediately post it to social media. I PROMISE it will be SO worth it!