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Things come and go. Trends, traditions, fads. In the wedding industry, we see things appear and then disappear sometimes faster than you can say poofy sleeves! Here are a list of trends and traditions that couples are leaving behind. It’s 2019! Let’s get with the times. 😎

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  1. Bridesmaids are female and groomsmen are male.

Hell no, not true at all! Men have female friends and women have male friends, right? Who says you have to choose people of the same gender as you to stand beside you on your big day?!


2. Matchy matchy wedding outfits

Letting your wedding party choose their dress or suit type is a great way to let their personality shine through. The key is to having at least one cohesive element. I know your friends will thank you for letting them choose something they will be comfortable in!

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3. Dad has to walk the bride down the aisle.

Dad, mom, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, YOURSELF. Meghan Markle inspired people all over the world showed what a BOSS BABE she is by walking herself down the aisle and she did it with such class! Do whatever YOU want cause after all, this is YOUR day!

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4. Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

Churches provide a beautiful and sometimes sentimental atmosphere, and you can usually have your wedding there for super cheap or free if you are a member, however that setting is not for everyone! Many couples are opting to have their wedding or just reception at venue or place that helps create a specific vibe or theme. Backyards, breweries, and barns have all been utilized for fun wedding festivities.

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5. Not seeing each other before the ceremony.

Y’all know how I feel about first looks, but if you don’t, basically seeing each other before the wedding makes life SO MUCH EASIER! The tradition of not to see each other was established when arranged marriages were common, and they didn’t want the groom running for the hills if he thought his new bride wasn’t very attractive. It’s a personal decision, but from a photographer’s POV, it helps with your photo timeline, you get more photos, you are less rushed, and you can get to the party faster if you see each other before the ceremony.

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6. Throwing rice at you when you make your grand exit.

Not many people actually do this anymore, but it is a “tradition” so I wanted to include it! Rice can hurt the wildlife in the area. Safer options are to toss biodegradable confetti, shake pom poms, ring bells, throw flower petals, or an awesome high five line is always a hit.


7. There’s a specific side to sit on during the ceremony.

These signs are popping up everywhere! Many couples have mutual friends or one family is larger than the other and they don’t want a lopsided ceremony. To combat this couples are asking their guests to sit wherever they’d like. We’re about to be one big family anyway!

(Done by    Connor & Co.   )

(Done by Connor & Co.)

8. An altar has to be an ACTUAL altar.

Many couples are opting to have floral installations, arches, or other cool focal pieces as their “altar.” Anything could be made into a statement piece like a banner, tons of candles, or something like this beautiful arch with florals pictured above!

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9. Your ring has to be a diamond.

Absolutely not! I’ve seen many couples going the nontraditional route when it comes to choosing their wedding bands and stones. Feel free to branch out and choose something that fits you!

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10. You have to use classic music during your ceremony.

We all know I’m a huge music fan; I’ve even written a blog post about unique songs to use at your wedding! Wagner's "Bridal Chorus” is definitely not your only option. The possibilities are endless! Choose music that means something to you.