Erica & Baby Jeremiah: A Mommy & Me Session | Memphis Tennessee Wedding + Portrait Photographer

I'm about to get a little sentimental on y'all. Beware!

I first met Erica in 6th grade at Harding Academy Cordova. I went to Harding from when I was a wee tot to the day I walked across the stage and received my diploma. Point is, I grew up with the majority of people in my class. I had known some of these classmates from the time we were 6 years old. Whenever a new person came into our school, it was a huge deal because it didn't really happen all that often.

Erica walked into our classroom that first day and I just remember thinking to myself, "Oh great, another popular girl." But little did I know she would end up being a life long friend of mine. Not gonna lie, Erica really got me out of my shell. She got me out of my little Harding bubble because she had gone to public school and well, public school kids to private school kids (at that age) were rebels! We went skating at the skating rink EVERY Friday night and we would aways go to McDonald's afterwards (if our parents would take us) and get cheeseburgers and cherry icee's. We lived in the same neighborhood and practically lived with each other over the summers.

This girl will ALWAYS mean the world to me, no matter what happens. And now that she has a little tot of her own, I will always love that boy, no matter what! I'm so glad we are the type of friends that can lose touch because life gets in the way for a little while and pick up right where we left off like we just saw each other yesterday. I've never seen Erica happier than now as a mom. She just lights up with that baby boy in her arms. And he is JUST like her. He's going to be a lady-killer, that's for sure!

These images were taken in about a 15 minute span because Memphis heat and humidity are BRUTAL and mommy and baby (and me) couldn't stand it much longer. They were troopers though! Enjoy!