Of course not! But it's great to take advantage of enjoying your engagement! It also gives us a chance to get to know each other better so we are more comfortable on the big day! Seriously, it helps A LOT.

Do you have insurance?

I sure do! I can show proof if you’d like or if your venue requires it. I have liability + have my gear insured!

My wedding isn’t in Tennessee, can we still book you?

Hell yeah! I’m willing to travel pretty much anywhere!

Is travel included in your pricing?

When we chat, I’ll give you a price that includes travel + lodging!

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes, yes, and yes. 100%. Love is love!

How do we pay you?

Everything is done online because #millennial. I of course accept cash, check, and some payment sharing apps too!

How do we book you?

All my contracts are online! So you sign digitally. You will receive a client portal where you can access the contract, invoices, and all of our emails. Dates are not reserved until the $1000 retainer is paid and a contract is signed. I book on a first come, first basis.

can we see a full wedding gallery?

Absolutely! When you inquire, I will definitely send you some!

How do we receive our photos?

You’ll get a handy dandy email with your online gallery where you can download all your photos at multiple different sizes and resolutions, as well as share with friends and family, and the option to order professional prints!


Do you do video as well?

Unfortunately, not at this time. I’m just a one woman team as of right now, but hopefully in the future! I can send you some stellar videographer referrals though!

What kind of gear do you shoot with?

I’m a Nikon girl. It’s what I grew up with learning, so it stuck. Nothing against Canon. Plus I kind of like being the odd one out. ;) But I have two D750s, a million prime lenses, flashes. Basically I have a lot of stuff haha.

Do you shoot elopements?

Absolutely! I price those accordingly, so fill out my inquiry form and we can chat all about it!

Can we print our photos or do we have to print through you?

You get a personal print release! Some photo labs require a release from photographers to print photos, just to make sure you have permission.

What’s a print release?

Basically, a print release gives someone permission to reproduce my images for their own personal use. Personal use is the key term here. If a client wanted to make prints, canvases, albums, t-shirts, etc, they are more than welcome to do that for themselves and their entire family. They are, however, prohibited from using them for commercial reasons. I still own the copyright, but you own the personal use of the images. 

What makes you different than all the other billion wedding photographers?

I spent a ton of money on my education and mastering my craft at an amazing, reputable art school. I’m formally trained, I care about your love, and I’m a blast to be around.

So why should we hire you?

To be frank, like I said above, I’m a blast to be around! No but for real, you’re paying for an experience with me. I don’t just go through the motions and just photograph your wedding. I make it fun, memorable, and all about you. I care.

Cedar Hall Memphis Summer Wedding_ The McDonalds_Ashley Benham Photography-189.jpg
Kori & Ryan_Offbeat Wedding_Ashley Benham Photography-185.jpg




Portrait sessions are edited and sent out in 3-4 weeks. Blog posts and Facebook previews will be posted throughout the waiting period to get you excited for the final product!



For a portrait sessions, it always differs, but I guarantee 40 images at least. I usually deliver quite a bit more!

What should we wear?

Don’t wear something you aren’t comfortable in because it will definitely show! Forget the whole matching outfits thing. We all know you don’t match your S.O. or your family on a daily basis, so don’t do it here! These images are supposed to be timeless, and effortless. Wear something comfortable and fun.

A few quick tips: Bring both casual and formal. Options are good 'cause you never know what might happen on location. Layers are great. They add dimension and contrast. Large logos and patterns are a no-go. I want the focus on you, not your branded t-shirt. Accessories are great and usually easy to tailor, so bring ‘em all. Lastly, keep in mind the locations we have chosen to shoot at. If we are shooting in greenery, it’s probably best to stay away from green clothing, etc. I want your photographs to reflect your style and personality perfectly. Portraits shouldn’t be stressful or a ton of work- these are supposed to be fun and laid back!



As soon as possible, download the images from your gallery or copy the images from your USB flash drive. USB flash drives are prone to damage and should not be the only source of back up you use. I suggest making "master" copies of the images and saving them to an external hard drive as well as your internal hard drive.


For the best results, use a professional lab with no color corrections. There are no guarantees for print quality from an unprofessional lab. You can also buy prints through my online gallery!


Once you fill out the booking form and we chat a little, I send the contract and invoice digitally. Portrait sessions require a contract and retainer of $50 to hold your session date.

can we see a full session gallery?

Yeah! Just like weddings, I’ll definitely send you some when you inquire!

what should we bring?

Final touches are sometimes needed on location. Always be prepared by bringing a small mirror, hair brush, make up, and anything else you might need to touch up and get camera ready. It’s also always good to bring water and a spare change of shoes depending on where and how much walking is involved.