DON'T LET THE HAIR AND TATTOOS FOOL YOU. I'm not as tough as I look. I am such a softie! I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  I am the “black sheep” of my family. (Obviously!) I’m an alumna of Columbia College in Chicago. I’m 99.9% sure I am supposed to go back to Chicago and spend more time there, even though Memphis will always have my heart. I am such a city girl it hurts. Don’t get me wrong, I do like wide open spaces *cue Dixie Chicks song*, but the city will always win with me.



Animals are my favorite. Seriously, when I tell you to let me meet them I’m not kidding. (I'm secretly a huge cat lady.)

I love breakfast food and sushi. Who am I kidding, I just love food period.

I wear A LOT of black. My hair color changes quite often.

Art is and will always be a huge passion of mine. I love art of every medium.

I miss shooting film in college and the smell of fixer.

I love chick flicks that make you cry. I’m an easy crier. I cry a lot.

Record stores? Yes please. Vinyl is love.

Cold weather is my favorite ever. I am so hot natured it’s scary.

I can’t reiterate enough how much music means to me.

Unplugged weddings are a must. PLEASE have one.

I am not a huge phone talker! I do love texting though.

If I could travel back in time I totally would. The decade I would choose would be way too difficult though.

I’m an avid online shopper and it’s become a problem.

I always wanted to be a journalist, but decided to take the photo route thanks to working on the yearbook in high school.

Photographs by Camille Leigh Photography



my philosophy


I don’t do things by the books. I am not a traditional photographer in any sense.

I just love photographing real, every day people in really eclectic, badass locations.
Everyone deserves to have their story told. Whatever that means to you, your love, your family, even yourself.
Your story will be documented and it will be amazing.

Show me what you got.
I don’t want to miss a moment, cause every minute counts.
Life is messy and I want to embrace that.
It isn’t always about smiling and laughing, sometimes it’s about the tears and the heated passion in a relationship.
Nothing is off limits here. It’s time to break the mold.

Our most important moments in life are sometimes reckless and bold.
If you want safe and familiar, I am not your girl.
I approach every single day like it’s the last.
Be bold. Take risks. Embrace the weird.
That is why my art is not for the faint of heart.


For the record, I love my job. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love capturing real people in organic moments.
But this isn’t just a job to me. This is my passion. My craft. My art. My heart. My soul.
I went to college to learn more about my passion and become the best artist I can be.
I’m not a photographer because it’s cool and trendy. I do this because I love it and it’s in my blood.
I’ve been shooting since I was 13 and I will continue to do so until the day I die. (I sure hope so!)


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